Godham Eco Village Gurukul School

Godham Eco Village Gurukul School

Vidyangan Gurukul where the education is not just focused on the knowledge by the textbooks. It’s a school where we care about the children’s physical, emotional and spiritual development. Being close to nature is an essential part of the all-round development of the kids.

Because the modern education system is not particularly encouraging the natural growth in kids, they are becoming selfish & self-centered. They’re less sensitive, less confident & they show less or no gratitude. These habits impact on how the new society is formed & ultimately, they are not strong enough to take responsibility for the house, society, nature, culture or the country.

  • Modern residential school for boys & girls
  • A fine mix of a traditional & modern schooling system
  • Proposed CBSE curriculum
  • Focus on knowledge, science, weaponry skills, yoga & mindfulness
  • Joyful learning with a peaceful mind in nature
  • Education for all-round development of the kids
  • Not just for the competition but to create a better, more responsible society

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