About us

Godham Eco Village is not just about me or you, it’s about us, together. It’s our dream. A dream of having our childhood village developed as a modern self-sustaining village. Life in a city is changing fast. Our lives have become stressful and we’re competing against ourselves for survival. That’s not how living is meant to be. We want to make this a model village. A village that’s situated in beautiful natural surroundings, offering you positive energy, spiritual guidance, agricultural opportunities and much more.

We started building this dream village in the year 2010. It’s journey from barren land to the model village was not an easy one. Like several projects, we too faced many difficulties & hurdles in the process. With God’s grace, positive energy, love, and support from everyone associated, the progress on this first-of-its-kind project is going on smoothly as planned.

Taking a weekend break from your busy city life to enjoy life at countryside in the arms of nature – to – being able to organically produce on your own farmland, the Godham Eco Village project consists of several different sections & services. You can read more details about each of those sections under our services.

  • Godham Eco Village Agriculture Tourism
  • Godham Krishi Go-gram Anusandhan (Goshala)
  • Temple & Spiritual Tourism Center
  • Gurukul
  • Godham Panchakarma Center
  • Godham Organic Products Mall
  • Godham Eco Village Farmers’ Producer Company
  • Godham Eco Village Farm House Plots
  • and much more…

We want all of us to enjoy life to the fullest potential, it could be spiritual, health or commercial. Godham is an extended & growing family. You too can become part of it. Contact us to find out more.