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nitin ghotkule

Nitin Vishnu Ghotkule
Entrepreneur, Founder & President

It was Nitin Ghotkule’s dream to develop this modern village called Godham Eco Village, which at the same time, respects our core traditional principles & humanity. He is a resident of Aadhle Budruk. Under the guidance of senior devotees of ISKCON, he started working on this project in 2010.

Nikita Nitin Ghotkule
Entrepreneur & President of Panchayat Samitee, Maval

Nikita Ghotkule, the wife of Nitin Ghotkule, she actively entered into politics in 2010. She believes the real change in our people’s lives and empowering them on a larger spectrum is possible through political changes and policies. She started as a Gram Panchayat member & later was appointed as the Sarpanch.

Now she is a district committee member of Maval and working as women’s president at Pavana Dam. She works hard towards bringing a positive change in villages by successfully executing several programmes such as, women employment, alcohol ban, improving roads, water & electricity supply & keeping the community strong together.

She was applauded with several awards for her political & social work, including the Best Sarpanch award.

nikita nitin ghotkule
sohan hazare

Sohan Hazare

Sohan is an old friend of Nitin Ghotkule. They did meet through ISKCON. Sohan and his wife Prajakta Hazare, both were previously working in Wipro and Infosys respectively. After commencement of the Godham Eco Village project, the couple devoted themselves to Go Seva. They left their corporate jobs and now they’re in charge of Godham Goshala.

They’ve obtained MD in Panchgavya Therapy and working closely on cow urine extracts, Vermicompost & other allied areas. Godham Eco Village is soon completing the work on its Panchakarma Center that will feature Sola Sanskar, Cow Therapy, Yoga & Garbhsanskar.

We’re also blessed with several more associates, ISKCON devotees, and friends who’re constantly guiding us, supporting us through our journey.  Together, they all are like an extended family just like how we wish for our existing & future Godham Eco Village members.

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